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Celebrating a Special Holiday in Marbella

Every year on January 5th, the streets of Marbella and the rest of Spain’s cities come alive with parades, music, and joyous celebration. This is Three Kings Day, otherwise known as “la Cabalgata de Reyes”. It’s a major part of the Christmas holiday season in Spain, celebrated by families and friends alike as they welcome in the Three Kings who bring gifts to baby Jesus Christ. Let’s take a closer look at this festive Spanish tradition.


The Parade of the Three Kings

One of the main attractions of Three Kings Day is the parade that takes place in each city across Spain. Streets are closed off for this procession which features large chariots carrying life-sized figures of the Magi or Wise Men – Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar – followed by hundreds of people dressed up as kings, angels and shepherds singing traditional carols along the way. As they cross town, these kings throw candies to all children watching! It’s quite an amazing sight and one that should not be missed if you find yourself in Spain during this time.

The three kings day spain


The Three Kings’ Cake

Another important part of Three Kings Day is breakfast on January 6th with a special treat: The Roscón de Reyes (Three King’s Cake). This sweet bread is adorned with dried fruits and sugar to create a delicious snack enjoyed by both adults and kids alike. It also contains small figurines representing baby Jesus which traditionally go inside the cake so whoever finds it will be crowned King or Queen for that day!

Three Kings Cake


Three Kings Day in Marbella

Three Kings Day is a very special day in Marbella where families come together to celebrate an important moment in history – the arrival of three wise men bearing gifts for baby Jesus – but also for its unique traditions that make it an unforgettable experience no matter where you are from. It is a day for family to come together for a special meal, exchange presents and spend time together. It is very much like Christmas Day in North America or northern European countries.

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