Why Marbella?

Simply The Best

Marbella has grown from a small town to a small busy cosmopolitan city. Famous over the years, for being the playground of the rich and famous, today Marbella is a residential town as well as a holiday town.

Best climate in Western Europe:

Located at the most southern part of Europe, Marbella is protected by the Atlantic winds by the bay of Gibraltar, and protected from the northerly winds by the Sierra Blanca mountains. This makes Marbella warmer than other parts of Spain in the winter, and cooler than other parts of Spain in the summer. It boasts over 320 days of sunshine per annum and is known as the California of Europe.

Western European Standards:

A very high standard of living, comparable to any European country: shops with international products, trendy boutiques, high quality service, modern hospitals and motorways, international schools, theatres, museums, cultural clubs, internet lines, etc.

With today’s technology in communications, many people are moving to Marbella to live permanently and continue their business via the internet. Others, move to Marbella and set up a business or start a new job.

Today, living on the Costa del Sol, means a unique quality of living.


In Marbella, your standard of living and quality of life shall improve.

Apart from the climate we have one of the best and largest selection of golf courses in Europe. Yacht harbours, tennis-courts, gymnasiums, horse-riding centres, hunting, paddle-tennis, fishing, football, basketball, cycling, walking, mountain climbing, skiing, motorcycle and car racing are some of the many activities available on the Costa del Sol. Theme parks, safari parks, zoos, aquariums, bowling alleys, cinemas cater to the youngsters.

Málaga is a classic historical city which has now increased its cultural variety with the opening of the Picasso Museum.

On top of all this, Marbella offers a large and good variety of elegant restaurants offering cuisine from all parts of the world. And then there is the nightlife. Bars, piano-bars, discotheques, fashionable night clubs and private parties, will keep you awake till the early hours.

Clean and Secure:

Marbella is wellknown to be one of the cleanest and most secure towns in Europe.
The town hall provides extra staff to maintain the streets clean and secure, and to keep all the flowers that adorn the city.

Marbella is a Sound Investment:

Marbella is synonymous with high quality real estate. It is a luxury destination on a par with the French Riviera in terms of  the target market it attracts and the quality of real estate on offer. The worldwide financial crisis of 2008 has meant that prices have fallen considerably in recent years. There are a number of very attractively priced properties available which are likely to prove to be exceptional investments in the future.


Those who prefer history to hedonism will revel in Marbella’s rich past. Dating back to the third century before Christ and originally an agricultural settlement, its strategic position on the Via Augusto made it an important trading post. Inhabited by the Phoenicians and named Salduba by the Romans, then Marbilha by the Moors, who were ousted in 1485 by Fernando and Isabel, Marbella retains traces of each civilisation in churches, baths and villas which can be seen from Rio Verde to San Pedro and throughout Marbella’s 27 kilometres. The Catholic King and Queen hispanicised Marbilha into Marbella (meaning beautiful sea) and were responsible for constructing the Town Hall, a gloriously flamboyant building in the Orange Square, the town’s nucleus. The interesting mix of cultures that inhabited this town can be seen through a selection of architecture from Renaissance to Baroque, Moorish to Castilian. In reality, one should leave the car behind and “walk the Old Town”, starting with the castle, the Iglesia de la Encarnación and the tiny houses flanking a maze of winding streets. Pretty shops and restaurants, “tapas” bars and street cafes, are as much part of Marbella as the Roman ruins in Rio Verde and San Pedro de Alcántara, the early Christian Basilica Bovedas in Urbanisation Linda Vista and numerous other historical sites.h2