Cilo Marbella Villa Hotels



Purchasing a Cilo Marbella Villa Hotel couldn’t be simpler. Together, we discuss all the various options open to you and choose a property that meets both your requirements as an owner, and our requirements as a service provider. As your agent we will negotiate the best price for you and guide you through the purchasing process. Significant purchase tax savings can be made. The property is owned 100% by the purchaser, can be named after a loved one if so desired, and free to use whenever the purchaser wishes. When not occupied, we will rent to our discerning clientele securing optimum rental returns.



But the real beauty of our system is its flexibility. We specialise in bringing the services to you, rather than forcing you to go to the services, as is the case elsewhere. We will therefore provide 5 star hotel-style services such as a private chef, daily housekeeping, full concierge services, massage and spa services etc. Also, as a Villa Hotel owner you get to choose what style of villa you choose and where it is located. In short, we encourage diversity, but within the agreed parameters of being stylish, tasteful and luxurious.



As your exclusive management company, Cilo Marbella Villa Hotels will undertake all aspects of managing your property for you. We aim to make it a seamless experience, leaving you free to enjoy the benefits of vacation property ownership rather than become absorbed with the hassles of official form filling and day to day maintenance issues. We will also organise marketing the property to suitably qualified tenants for short term rentals when you are not in residence yourself.



Let us know whenever you wish to use the property for your own use, or that of your extended family and friends. The calendar will be blocked out for these periods and we can provide whatever level of services you request. For the rest of the time, we will aim to rent the villa to suitably qualified fee paying guests. Owners are free to sell, or withdraw their property from the rental market, whenever they wish. Any prepaid rental commitments must be dealt with according to contractual obligations but the rights of ownership are not in anyway diluted.

The following options represent some purchasing possibilities. Please contact us to discuss your precise requirements.