Starlite Festival 2024

Starlite Festival 2024: What to Expect in Marbella

As the Starlite Festival lights up Marbella once more, it promises to bring an unmatched blend of music, culture, and luxury to the heart of Spain’s Costa del Sol. This prestigious event, set against the backdrop of Marbella’s natural beauty, has become a highlight on the international calendar, attracting visitors from across the globe. With a lineup that features icons such as Tom Jones, Luis Miguel, Ricky Martin, and emerging talents alongside established legends like Sheryl Crow, Placido Domingo, Simple Minds, Take That, Keane and UB40, Starlite Marbella 2024 is set to elevate the experience to new heights, underscoring its significance as a beacon of artistic expression and exclusive entertainment.

Overview of Starlite Festival 2024

Event Dates

The Starlite Festival 2024 is scheduled to enchant audiences over three months, from the 14th of June to the 31st of August. This extended period highlights its status as a premier cultural and entertainment event in Spain, drawing attention nationally and internationally.

Venue Details

Set in the unique Cantera de Nagüeles Sierra Blanca, Marbella, above the prestigious Golden Mile, the festival offers a one-of-a-kind experience in a natural amphitheatre surrounded by 60 metre high rock walls. This venue not only enhances the acoustic quality but also adds to the intimacy of the performances, accommodating up to 3,500 attendees. Access to the venue is exclusive, with VIPs enjoying direct access while other guests are shuttled via minibuses from a designated parking area a mile away.


The Starlite Festival 2024 showcases a diverse array of talent, from established icons to emerging artists, ensuring a rich musical experience. Notable acts include the legendary Luis Miguel, known for his powerful voice and significant influence in the Latin music scene, and the Gipsy Kings, who blend flamenco with pop influences to global acclaim. Emerging artists such as Aitana, celebrated for her electropop hits, and Myke Towers, a leading figure in Latin trap, add contemporary flair to the lineup. This blend of veteran performers and new talents underscores Starlite’s commitment to delivering unparalleled entertainment.

Ticket Purchasing Options

VIP Packages

Starlite Festival 2024 offers exclusive VIP packages that cater to various needs. Patrons can select from 42 VIP boxes, each accommodating up to 8 guests, with options to book for weeks, fortnights, months, or the entire season. These boxes are situated just 20 meters from the stage, providing an unparalleled viewing experience. Benefits include VIP parking, a welcome drink, dedicated waiter service, and priority reservations at festival restaurants and VIP tables. VIP access starts from 9 p.m., allowing guests to enjoy a premium culinary experience in the Privilege area throughout the event.

General Admission

For general attendees, Starlite Festival provides a seamless experience with complimentary parking and shuttle services. Those looking for an upgraded experience can opt for ‘Parking Star’ at 30€, ensuring a reserved spot close to the venue. VIP parking options are also available for Gold and Silver box ticket holders, including private chauffeur services to the red carpet. Platinum box ticket holders enjoy direct vehicle access to the red carpet, where staff will manage parking, enhancing the luxury festival experience.

Starlite’s Unique Features

Cuisine and Dining

Starlite Festival is renowned for its exceptional gastronomic offerings, featuring five distinctive restaurants that cater to the most discerning palates. Patrons can indulge in a variety of culinary experiences, from the authentic Tuscan flavors at ‘Raffaella’ to the innovative Japanese-Peruvian fusion at ‘Tanabata’. The festival’s dining scene is a highlight, providing a blend of local and international cuisine that complements the cultural performances.

VIP Areas

The festival’s VIP areas set it apart, offering an exclusive experience with services like personalised waiter service and priority reservations. VIP guests enjoy premium seating in the “Bubble Boxes,” which are elevated areas providing an unparalleled view of the performances. These areas have been meticulously designed to offer luxury and comfort, ensuring a memorable festival experience for all VIP attendees.

How can I travel to the Starlite Festival?

The Starlite Festival is located approximately 3.5 kilometres from the centre of Marbella, which is about an 8-minute drive. It is also 15 minutes away from Puerto Banus. The nearest train station is Maria Zambrano in Malaga. Additionally, the festival is accessible from Malaga Airport and Jerez Airport. For convenience, you can purchase a parking space for 30€ in advance.

More About Sierra Blanca

Located above the renowned Golden Mile and below the majestic La Concha mountain, Sierra Blanca is a prestigious residential area. However, its appeal as a perfect live music venue extends far beyond its scenic setting. Often referred to as Marbella’s Beverly Hills, Sierra Blanca is a gated community that boasts luxurious homes belonging to the city’s elite. While many properties in the neighbourhood showcase a Mediterranean influence, the diverse international community has also brought in a variety of other architectural styles, ranging from contemporary to rustic and traditional. Despite the different designs, the grandeur and elegance of the buildings are always on display. With almost 300 homes in this area, the houses are closer together compared to other nearby regions like La Zagaleta. Nevertheless, the expansive plots still offer ample space for lavish gardens and seclusion.

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The anticipation surrounding Starlite Festival 2024 in Marbella continues to build, promising an immersive experience that blends iconic performances with the serene luxury of Spain’s Costa del Sol. Through its diverse lineup of legendary artists and emerging talents, Starlite sets the stage for an unforgettable cultural journey, capturing the essence of artistic diversity and musical excellence. The festival’s unique setting, combined with its meticulously crafted VIP experiences and gastronomic delights, positions it as a landmark event that transcends the typical festival experience, offering attendees an unparalleled encounter with music, cuisine, and luxury.

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What other events are scheduled on the Costa del Sol in 2024?

In 2024, the Costa del Sol will host several notable events including:

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