Future Luxury Villas in Marbella

A detached villa in Mediterranean style, built with quality materials to contemporary standards. Nowadays, the options are so diverse on the Costa del Sol. But what exactly is so unique about these modern, new build villas?

A modern villa, in our opinion, does not only consist of the outside. It is precisely the connection between the inner and outer world that is important. Therefore, we believe it is important that the design for the interior is intertwined with your outdoor living area. We have investigated the future of Luxury villas on the (New) Golden Mile.

Welcome to the Future

When we think of the house of the future, images of futuristic white houses in the ’60s Jetson’s TV show might come to mind. No matter how exciting the idea sounds, living in a high-tech futuristic apartment in the middle of space, it’s not what a house of the future means!

The house of the future is above all a smart home, designed to make our time in our home as pleasant, comfortable and safe as possible. And there is plenty of room for high-tech fun too!

Technology & Home Automation

Let’s take the first cornerstone of the modern villa, technology. Home automation is not only about the integration of technology and control in the home, but also about the service from the outside to the home. Domotics can be seen as a broader concept than placing refined stand-alone systems in a home.

Luxury villas New Golden Mile

The word is a combination of the Latin words domus (house) and robotics (remote control or monitoring). The concept has been around since the 1980s, but it has only been used for the domestic market for a few years. The first one was for the military and industrial markets.

Home automation is the integration of technology and services for a better quality of life and living.

According to estimates, 25,000 million devices will be connected to the Internet this year alone. We have reached a point where the growth of “the Internet of Things” is unstoppable. It is therefore very likely that in our future homes we will be able to control all settings and devices from our smartphones (or future tablets), wherever we are at that time. Some things are already possible even today, such as home monitoring systems without cameras or controlling your TV and heating with your smartphone.

In a way, the car is a good example: the car radio goes down when you receive a call, there are built-in navigation systems, and at the touch of a button you can switch everything off. These applications have crept into the car. Manufacturers have made cars safer and more comfortable and now the car user no longer wants to do without these applications. Homes will also be equipped with intelligence so that different applications are possible.


Interior specialists mainly predict that the world will be brought inside. People are connected to the whole world. This will largely be determined by technology, but also by the choice of (interior) products and materials. Plants will be given an important place in the interior, as will wood and other natural materials. The majority of interior designers also believe that ‘Story Telling’ – the story behind a product – will be just as important as the product itself. When that one cute side table is made by children in India, we are more likely to choose a local product made in good working conditions. Craft gets extra value, as does appreciation for the handmade products.

What is the result of Smarter Homes for people?

The answer is actually pretty simple…and convenient! We are able to live longer independently in the house of the future with home automation, and all other innovations of the future. What are the features of smart homes and villas of the future?

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