Costa del Sol Property prices among the fastest rising in Spain

Costa del Sol Property prices among the fastest rising in Spain

Figures are up 6% since January 2019 compared to January 2018 for apartments and villas from new developments.

The Costa del Sol (New Golden Mile) is the fastest rising area of Spain for prices of newly-built homes. According to a respected real estate valuation report, in Malaga province. The Sociedad de Tasación’s analysts also announced that they anticipated that rates continue to rise in the Costa area this year, but with less volume of business than in the last 12 months.

Marbella real estate investment: Rental prices

The emerging real estate market in the wider region of Marbella provides good opportunities for investors. Now it is time to invest, as the demand for holidays and long term rentals is increasing tremendously. Due to the crisis, the prices of real estate in Marbella are still lower compared to the years before, in 2007. Recently, after stabilising, we see the real estate prices rise again. The Marbella Real Estate Market has always been in residence because of the jet set, the climate, the beautiful nature and the quality of life.

Costa del Sol Luxury Property: Isn’t it too late to invest?

The time of rock-bottom prices, bank repossessions, and bargains is indeed behind us and because of her international reputation, the real estate market in and around Marbella recovered faster after the crisis than in the rest of the country. Since 2015, we have seen a clear rise in prices, month after month. This upward trend is expected to continue strongly in the coming year. Especially in new construction projects. However, there are still many opportunities when it comes to investing in real estate in and around Marbella. But you have to be well informed to find them, which makes that real estate advice from a local real estate agent indispensable. It is vital to be permanently on the spot as the market is moving constantly.

Costa Sol Luxury Property

Example of a whitewashed, modern villa on the Costa del Sol

Investing smartly in Marbella

We see that our customers often come here regularly to enjoy their investment because of the climate and the glamorous lifestyle that Marbella has to offer. On top of that come possible rental income and in the long run the added value of selling. In conclusion, we can state that the purchase of a home in Marbella is a valuable investment in the broadest sense of the word.

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