Villa Hotels Properties For Sale in Marbella

Invest in a Cilo Marbella Villa Hotel ™ and enjoy all the benefits of 100% ownership of a luxury villa plus securing a high level of rental income.

Purchase a property recommended by us, and we will transform it into a 5 star Villa Hotel complete with all the services and staff that one would expect: villa manager, concierge service, private chef, daily maid service, spa services, butler etc. Name your villa as you wish, perhaps after a loved one, and we will brand and market it for you.

Enjoy the villa for your personal use whenever you wish, either with or without hotel style services, and when you are not in residence we will secure rental bookings from high calibre guests from around the world. As one of Marbella’s leading luxury villa agencies, we have many years’ experience and know that our guests are willing to pay a premium price for a premium level of service.

Below are a few properties suitable for transformation into a Cilo Marbella Villa Hotel ™. These options are by no means exhaustive, so please contact us at to discuss your requirements and budget.