Brochure: Investing in Luxury Property in Marbella

Now is the time to invest in luxury property

Now is the right time to be investing in luxury property in Marbella. The Covid-19 crisis means that there are some great opportunities now available to purchase a luxury property at an attractive price. And when it comes to Europe, there are few more luxurious and glamorous locations than Marbella, Spain.

Marbella offers a lifestyle that is unique in Europe. Often dubbed the ‘California of Europe’ the resort boasts a remarkable 320 days of sunshine pa, numerous luxury retail outlets and restaurants, more 5-star hotels and golf courses than anywhere else in Spain, and some of the most prestigious real estate in all of Europe.

Marbella – Europe’s Luxury Hotspot

So whether you are interested in purchasing a holiday home, an investment property that generates rental income (5% pa net), or a combination of the two, then Marbella is the place to be.

During Covid, we are offering virtual viewings with a ‘deposit now – view later’ option. This enables you to secure your property now and then come to Marbella to view and confirm as soon as you are safely able to travel. Deposits are fully returned should you elect not to proceed with your purchase.

Invest in luxury property in Marbella

To receive a complimentary copy of our introductory brochure, please click on this link: ‘Marbella Living’. The brochure is available as a complimentary download.

More Luxury Marbella properties for sale

Below are just three outstanding property opportunities:

Glamorous experiences Marbella

When you are visiting Marbella we can recommend a couple of great places where you have to go when you’re here:

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