Guadalmina Baja – Luxury Marbella Locations

Undoubtedly, Guadalmina Baja is one of the finest and most sought-after locations on the Costa del Sol.  It is known for its low-density setting and elegant cosmopolitan ambience, and beachfront setting. Like many neighbourhoods in the Estepona and Marbella area, Guadalmina Baja is a healthy mix of  Spanish, Nothern European (Scandinavian) and British residents… all sharing a passion for luxurious living.

Guadalmina Baja comprises mainly of large villas – some of the most luxurious mansions in Marbella are to be found here, built on double or triple plots. A remarkable fact is that the streets in Guadalmina Baja are numbered, rather than named. The average price per square meter = 4,500 €/m².


Guadalmina Baja

The western boundary runs along the Guadalmina River, which also acts as the Marbella – Estepona municipal boundary. A small bridge gives direct access over the Guadalmina river (Calle 4) to Estepona districts. The eastern boundary is the barely noticeable Arroyo del Chopo stream. The nearest towns are San Pedro de Alcántara (3 min drive), Puerto Banus (5 min drive) and Nueva Andalucia (5 min drive).

About San Pedro de Alcántara

Located in the Marbella area of Spain, San Pedro de Alcántara is a small town that has gone through wide-range of remodelling work in recent times. Thanks to its increase in tourism it has become a thriving resort with a host of activities to offer you including going on a buggy safari, chartering a luxury yacht, Segway tours and many more. Couple with that, it features a new strip of top-class restaurants, hotels as well as the best beach clubs where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine.


Guadalmina is originally associated with aristocracy and Hollywood Golden Age stars. For example, ex-empress of Persia, Princess Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiary lived here. As did Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn, who bought a hillside villa with her spouse, film director Mel Ferrer. It’s still favoured by celebrities, business professionals, politicians (Cuban ex-president Batista). Recent residents: national heavyweights of Partido Popular, former Prime Minister Aznar, Madrid ex-mayor Ana Botella. It has never been a “vanity fair”, rather a discreet part of Marbella where famous people live or stay, like Naomi Campbell holing up in Guadalmina after spending time in Banus. Though it’s home to long-established millionaires (incl. the only descendant of Athina Hélène Onassis).

Guadalmina Baja amenities

The golf course that runs down to the sea from near the Hotel Guadalmina is the South Course. The golf clubhouse is located in Guadalmina Alta. San José private junior and secondary school is located in Guadalmina Baja.

The local beach is Playa Guadalmina and next to this are the Roman Baths Las Bovedas and medieval lookout tower. The leading hotel in Guadalmina these days is the seafront Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf Resort. Shopping centres and boutique stores are never far away. Residents are only 5 min. drive away from the port boutique stores in Puerto Banus, or the acclaimed shopping centre El Corte Ingles.


Guadalmina Baja: Luxury Villa’s for Sale

Modern Style Luxury Villa in Guadalmina Baja, Marbella
San Pedro de Alcantara4 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 506 m²€1,890,000

Located in the heart of the prestigious Guadalmina Baja area in Marbella, consists of a residential project of six exclusive villas of great luxury designed by the renowned architect is a private and secure complex of six luxury villas of modern style. Authentic paradise, this area gathers the most beautiful villas of Marbella and Estepona. Exposed to the southeast to seven hundred meters of the sea the urbanization is in a green and calm environment and allows its inhabitants to enjoy beautiful and open views. The quality of the architecture and a well-designed interior layout allows us to build modern villas with large bright rooms, which facilitate the comfort and comfort of those who inhabit them.

Guadalmina Baja: Luxury Holiday Rentals


Villa Fortuny, Luxury Villa to Rent in Guadalmina, Marbella
Marbella (Guadalmina)5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 650 m²
From €14,000 Per Week

Villa Fortuny is a magnificent beachfront property, set on 2 acres of carefully manicured land that stretches down to the sea and offering direct access to the beach. The villa is in the classical Andalucian style; sophisticated and charming with all the necessary modern conveniences attached.

The property boasts five bedrooms, all en-suite. The upstairs master suite benefits from a private balcony with magnificent sea views. There is a fully equipped state of the art modern kitchen, large living area, a dining room, plus staff quarters. The living and dining areas open onto a covered terrace and then through to the superb gardens. Extensive use is made of marble throughout the villa and all furnishings are stylish and comfortable. Modern conveniences include air conditioning, satellite television and wifi.

The outdoors and garden area are truly exceptional!


About Cilo Marbella – Luxury Property Specialist

Cilo Marbella is an exclusive boutique agency specializing in the sale and rental of luxury residential property in the Marbella region of Spain. Formed in 2011 by two affiliate directors from Sotheby’s International Realty, each with over 20 years’ experience in the luxury real estate market. Cilo Marbella is a member of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate. This by-invitation-only grouping of some of the most prestigious names in international real estate spans over 70 countries and collectively sells over USD 300 billion of real estate annually.

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About Marbella

New build Marbella: The best post-lockdown Property Investments

Should you invest in new build villas on the Costa del Sol during, or shortly after, the Coronavirus lockdown? Perhaps a million-dollar question that you have asked yourself several times during the past few months. In this article, we answer this question. + 5 Luxury New Build Projects for Sale – Our best picks for new build property investments in the Marbella area (Costa del Sol).


Table of contents

    1. What is the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Costa del Sol real estate market?
    2. 5 Luxury New Build Projects for Sale – Our best picks for new build property investments in the Marbella area


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on financial markets and the economy worldwide will be immense. Many (property) investors, owners, and potential home buyers are, as a result, uncertain if now is the right time to buy a property. The main question we try to answer is: Is the corona crisis affecting the Costa del Sol real estate market?

Жизнь в Марбелье


1. What is the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Costa del Sol real estate market?


To answer this question accurately, we should dig a little further into the subject. First of all, there is an immediate impact or short-term impact. Next, there is the long-term effect on the real estate market. We, therefore, split the main question into 3 subquestions to provide you with the most accurate answer. Please bear in mind, while we write this article, the Costa del Sol is currently in phase 3 of the reopening plan.

The final phase or stage 4 of the reopening plan will start on 22nd June for those Spanish territories that pass the 4-criteria requirements at each stage. This means that at the end of June, if the number of COVID-19 cases continues to reduce, Spain will formally complete its reopening process in a bid to get out of lockdown, and we will finally be living in the frequently mentioned “new normal”.

For more information about the next phase, phase 4, we recommend the following article:

1.1 Are property prices falling on the Costa del Sol as a result of the corona crisis?

According to current data and experts, no unexpected developments or market behaviour have been recorded so far. In the years immediately after the crisis, you will see the Spanish property market collapsed in 2007 and bottomed out in 2013 before beginning to recover in late 2013 / 2014. The national story was a long, steady decline before a long, steady recovery. It was one of contraction: in property sales, house prices, transactional values, construction and nance. According to property columnist Adam Neale in The Olive PressA FASTER RECOVERY FOR THE COSTA DEL SOL, ESPECIALLY MARBELLA AND ESTEPONA are expected. “This time around, and as long as treatments for Coronavirus contain or cure it within a reasonable timeframe, we expect a similar sharp drop in residential property sales in 2020 with an equally sharp recovery, once the immediate risk is mitigated or over. Long story short: The Covid-19 pandemic leads at short notice to shifts of purchase behaviour, on a long-term basis it will, however not reduce the housing demand.”

As a result, the Coronavirus crisis does not seem to have had a neagetive impact on property prices at the moment. The explanation for this is relatively simple: real estate does not lose its attractiveness for investors in harsh times. A home can still be considered a stable investment in times of crises. But, more important than ever before, location is key.

1.2 What about the short term impact of property prices? (Q3/4 2020)

A crisis always creates opportunities. For real-estate buyers, this can be good news. For sellers, it may mean lower expectations, both in terms of price and time to sell. Experts predict that the total volume of sales will crash by around 30 per cent, bringing it closer to the levels witnessed in 2012 and 2013. Will this lower property prices in the 2nd part of 2020? Not per se, as the demand for residential space will not decrease, even in the face of the corona crisis. Simply because of the fact that people will always be in need to have a roof over their heads. It is not yet foreseeable that property prices will fall as a result of the Corona crisis, given the current market situation. However, it is only possible to estimate how prices and the number of sales transactions resulting from COVID-19 will develop in the second or third quarter of this year.

1.3 Should you buy or invest in property on the Costa del Sol now?

There is no available data for regional prices but, on a national basis, if you compare the history of house prices in the last crisis against the number of residential sales for the same period, you will see that they reached the end of their downward trend at the end of 2013. The decline in residential sales drove the market prices downward until confidence was restored.  The statistics show most buyers missed buying at the bottom of the market, with the majority of sales occurring before and after. If, as we believe, the local market sees a rapid fall before quickly recovering (subject to effective treatments of Coronavirus), then the best time to buy should be within the next six-to-18 months. While new project launches are being staggered by the developers, the available ready-to-move-in inventory continues to see interest during the ongoing lockdown period. According to Financial Express, the Real estate business will continue to remain an attractive asset and be a sense of security for any buyer.


2. 5 Luxury New Build Projects for Sale – Our best picks for new build property investments in the Marbella area


Next, our sales department selected the 5 Luxury New Build Projects for Sale – Our best picks for new build property investments in the Marbella area (Costa del Sol). They are listed below. For more information, please click on the link to the detailed property page, or contact our sales department. We have listed the information at the bottom of this page.


1. Luxury Design Villas in a Beautiful Spot in La Cala Golf Resort, Marbella

15 exclusive independent luxury new build villas. Finished according to the latest luxury qualities, avant-garde design, pure lines, neutral colours and large spaces, creating a perfect symbiosis with the natural environment where it is located. FROM: 395000.

View property details:

Cilo Marbella – Contact Sales for more information

UK and Rest of the World

Tel: +34 952 768 331


Tel: +44 207 754 9157


2. Modern Design Villa with Sea Views, Estepona, Marbella

The design of this new build villa is modern and fresh. It is located in Puerto de La Duquesa. The horizontal lines, parallel to the sea, create a symmetrical shape, while the vertical lines break that symmetry and give movement to the villa. FROM:495000.

View property details:

Cilo Marbella – Contact Sales

UK and Rest of the World

Tel: +34 952 768 331


Tel: +44 207 754 9157


3. New Luxury Development with Panoramic Sea Views, Estepona, Marbella

New luxury development of 8 private, luxury villas for sale set in a secured gated golf and country club estate. These fabulous villas are placed in a prime location, on the first line of La Resina Golf Course. FROM: 985000.

View property details:

Cilo Marbella – Contact Sales

UK and Rest of the World

Tel: +34 952 768 331


Tel: +44 207 754 9157


4. Contemporary Luxury Villa in a Golf Valley, New Golden Mile, Marbella

This exceptional development consists of 7 contemporary luxury villas with sea views in an exceptional location in one of the best golf courses on the Costa del Sol just 5 minutes from Estepona, with its beautiful beaches, marina, shops and leisure. FROM: €995,000.

View property details:

Cilo Marbella – Contact Sales for more information

UK and Rest of the World

Tel: +34 952 768 331


Tel: +44 207 754 9157


5. Modern Unique Villa Boasting Spectacular Views, Marbella East

A unique project of newly-built villas is a development of exclusive four-bedroom villas boasting spectacular views, contemporary architectural style and the latest in-home technology. These stunning properties offer you a combination of the sea, sun and mountains with exceptional surroundings.

View property details:

Cilo Marbella – Contact Sales for more information

UK and Rest of the World

Tel: +34 952 768 331


Tel: +44 207 754 9157


About Cilo Marbella

Thank you for reading New build Costa del Sol: The best post-lockdown Property Investments

Cilo Marbella is an exclusive boutique agency specializing in the sale and rental of luxury residential property in the Marbella region of Spain. Formed in 2011 by two affiliate directors from Sotheby’s International Realty, each with over 20 years’ experience in the luxury real estate market. Cilo Marbella is a member of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate. This by-invitation-only grouping of some of the most prestigious names in international real estate spans over 70 countries and collectively sells over USD 300 billion of real estate annually.

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About Marbella

В Испании идёт уже третья неделя режима повышенной готовности из- за распространения нового коронавируса. Закрыты школы, университеты, парки, бары, рестораны и прочие развлекательные заведения. Власти Испании заверяют, что принятые меры являются крайней необходимостью для спасения жителей и нераспространения инфекции

Мы надеемся, что через некоторое время Испания снова станет открытой, и можно будет понежиться под теплым солнышком на пляже Средиземного моря

Но давайте пока вспомним, какова была жизнь до пандемии.

Открытие сезона

Традиционно апрель – это начало летнего сезона в Марбелье. Возрастает наплыв туристов, пока еще рано ездить на пляжи, но посетители ищут песок, шезлонги и бильярд. Начинают работать прибрежные кафе “chiringuitos” игроки стекаются на многочисленные гольф-поля, а теннисные и падель- клубы заполняются.

Главный праздник весны

Semana Santa-или Пасхальная неделя в Испании
Это страстная неделя в Испании и она является главным праздником. Она сопровождается масштабными костюмированными процессиями, которые проходят по главным улицам испанских городов, а жители, как и туристы, заняв места на заранее установленных на тротуарах стульях, могут с трепетом наслаждаться шествиями. В некоторых провинциях за день проходит до 40-ка процессий. Самыми популярными считается процессии в Малаге.

Активный отдых

Те, кто предпочитает активное время препровождением, могут отправиться в Сьерра-Неваду и насладиться самым длинным лыжным сезоном в Европе на склонах этих величественных гор всего в двух часах езды от Марбельи. Знаменитая прогулочная набережная Марбельи расцветает в это время года, а кафе и Привлекательным туристическим местом является портовый район Пуэрто-Банус, он отлично подойдет для прогулок и фотосессии. Здесь можно полюбоваться белоснежными яхтами, заказать интересную морскую экскурсию или просто отдохнуть в одном из уютных ресторанчиков и попробовать фирменные блюда из морепродуктов.
Семейный отдых с детьми
Марбелья не случайно пользуется огромной популярностью у туристов с детьми, курорт идеально подходит для семейного отдыха. Поклонникам водных развлечений обязательно понравится аквапарк Costawaterpark, Среди музеев, которые будет интересно посетить всей семьей, особенно стоит выделить Painting Cats and Dogs.

На курорте работает много необычных развлекательных центров, одним из самых оригинальных считается SphereMania Marbella.
Одним из самых необычных культурных заведений Марбельи считается Museo del Bonsai, этот необычный музей тоже популярен у отдыхающих с детьми.

Рестораны и кафе Марбельи

На живописном побережье располагается популярный ресторан Suite del Mar, в котором помимо оригинальных рыбных блюд готовят и восхитительные мясные угощения. Интересным заведением является ресторан La Pasquera de Banus. Здесь также подают отменные блюда из морепродуктов, Попробовать лучшие блюда андалузской кухни приглашает гостей ресторан La Venencia, он отличается не только обилием фирменных угощений, но и интересным декором.

Для тех, кто интересуется Марбельей, это прекрасное время года, чтобы получить впечатление об этом элегантном курортном городе и попробовать его завидный стиль жизни в то время, когда большая часть Европы все еще находится в тисках зимы. Посетите нас с расцветом миндаля на деревьях и ознакомьтесь с широким выбором недвижимости CiloMarbella, которую можно арендовать и купить.

Испания ждет вас!

Весь мир, а Испания одна из первых переживает сложную ситуацию с короновирусом. Но, не смотря на сложившуюся ситуация, испанцы сохраняют присущий им оптимизм. Мир знавал и не такие вирусы и болезни, поэтому мы не теряем надежду на лучшее и надеемся на скорую встречу с вами!

Marbella Luxury Summer Season 2020 (Corona Update)

The Spanish government is thinking of a scenario in which the borders would remain closed for longer and foreign tourists would not be allowed in for a whole summer.

Over the last few decades, travel has gone from being a pleasure reserved for the upper classes. Advances in the commercial aviation industry and the tourism boom have resulted in 1.5 billion trips worldwide by 2019, according to the World Tourism Organization. In 2020, growth of three to four percent was predicted, but the coronavirus is going to upset any previous estimates.

Marbella and Puerto Banus

It goes without saying that the Coronavirus has left its marks in the normally vibrant area of Marbella and Puerto Banús.

Puerto Banus Marbella

For example, customers and shoppers who come to Puerto Banús no longer queue up at the restaurants in the port area, but go, through the only access guarded by security guards wearing latex masks and gloves, to buy the essentials at the department store supermarket overlooking one of the busiest shopping areas in the municipality. The high-end vehicles parked on the seafront in the port, separating the shops of the most prestigious clothing brands from the most luxurious yachts in the world has given way to the uninterrupted horizon of closed establishments and perfectly aligned boats on closed pontoons.

The Marbella Town Hall previously labelled rightfully the Easter tourist season as ‘to be lost’ and trusts that the crisis situation caused by the coronavirus will be dealt with in time for the hotel and commercial sectors of the municipality to save the summer season. The taxi fleet is currently 50% operational and the number of passengers on public transport, which is free for registered residents, has dropped by 85 percent.

Antonio Banderas

Hollywood-actor Antonio Banderas is forced to stay in his Marbella villa ever since the start of the lockdown in Spain. The Málaga-born actor was travelling there from Madrid after filming of the movie he is making with Penelope Cruz was suspended. His life partner, Nicole Kimpel, is ‘trapped’ in Switzerland with her sister Barbara and her father, so Antonio Banderas is sitting out this lockdown on his own. He says the coronavirus crisis is going to affect everybody, but at the same time, he is hopeful about the future for Malaga and the Costa del Sol, even though “very hard” times are on the way.

In his many hours of free time he studies, reads scripts and books and, above all, coordinates the social work carried out by the Fundación Lágrimas y Favores, of which he is the founder and president. Banderas is also working with the Agrupación de Cofradías, the Association of Religious Brotherhoods, with its president Pablo Atencia, who is a good friend. With 53,000 euros and the help of his Foundation, Banderas is helping to fight the crisis. They are distributing hundreds of single-use medical gowns, gloves, masks and shoe covers to hospitals, homes for the elderly and pharmacies.

And there is more positive Corona-COVID 19-related news from the area.

Excellent local measures prevent Corona outbreak in Marbella

According to statistics from, the Costa del Sol health district had 441 confirmed cases, 21 deaths and 128 cured as of 12-04-2020. And the situation on the coast is looking very promising. The amount of new cases has decreased dramatically. Just 14 new cases have been recorded compared to the peak day of April 2 when the Costa del Sol region saw 180 people diagnosed with the virus. For the first time in three weeks no coronavirus deaths have been reported in Malaga province in daily figures. In the past 24 hours just one person has had to be admitted into intensive care, meaning the province has 143 patients in ICU.

Earlier this month, the Marbella town hall launched a disinfection campaign across the town’s 40 pharmacies. According to councillor for Health Enrique Rodríguez, this measure is being taken “because these establishments are usually the first port of call for residents who present some kind of symptoms or have some doubts about coronavirus”.

Andalucia is sixth on the list in Spain for coronavirus cases. Madrid (47,146), Cataluña (34,726), Castilla La Mancha (14,054), Castilla Leon (12,628) and Pais Vasco (11,018) are the worst-hit communities.

Spanish media speculate about the 2020 tourism season in Spain

With more than 15,000 deaths and more than 153,000 confirmed infections, Spain is one of the worst affected countries in the world. According to the Spanish ABC, the Spanish government sets the stage for a summer without any or very limited foreign tourism due to the coronavirus. Several executive sources acknowledge to ABC that they are studying the option of prevention of foreign tourists in the summer of 2020.

Will you be able to go to the beach?

Of course, the idea is to reduce overcrowded events in certain areas. So what about going to the beach? This possibility is not yet excluded, but limitations in terms of capacity are one of the measures that the epidemiological and scientific experts would have advised, and the Government will study thoroughly. But one thing is for sure, it will be very difficult to spot images of tourists fighting for the front line of the beach or those crowded beaches.

Experts about the situation

“What is going to happen now,” analyses travel journalist Alberto Menéndez, “is a return to domestic tourism, of proximity, in which value is given to one’s own. It will be a perfect moment to rediscover the wonders of our country, a return to the subtle.

Another colleague in the Cabinet concurs with this idea: “International tourism will take time,” he says, because before the borders are reopened, “connectivity must be restored” and “means must be provided to ensure that it does not spread. Spain is being one of the countries hardest hit by this crisis. But at the same time, other countries are lagging behind in the scenario of contagion and deaths. The problem lies in entering the country, but also in leaving Spain: “We must recover the confidence that coming to Spain does not affect health, but we must also have the confidence that the virus will not be brought to us”, the Government assures us, so it is assumed that it must be an issue that “must be approached from the international arena”.

The Hospitality sector

For Pablo Gonzalo, who runs El Pimpi, one of Malaga’s iconic bars for tourists, the immediate future is going to mean attracting local people and tourists from other parts of Spain. Before the crisis began, around 50 per cent of the clients in this city centre establishment were from outside Malaga, so he believes it is essential to adapt to the circumstances. “We business owners have to press the ‘re-set’ button and start the battle from zero,” he says in the April edition of SurinEnglish.

This feeling of uncertainty is shared by Carlos Franco, director of Meliá Costa del Sol, who says that “there are cancellations, but nothing can be assessed yet, although what is left of March and April will undoubtedly be a disaster”. The manager of this recently renovated hotel believes that the pandemic is going to be “a strong blow with a big crisis in the short term, but we hope that we can face the beginning of the high season, in May and June, in the best possible way and with a more positive face”.

Spanish domestic tourism in 2020

Going on holiday in your own country would be allowed and even promoted. At least, this is what several sources claim. Even though certain restrictions are possible there: for example, it would be compulsory to wear a mouth mask on public transport and to follow the social distancing rules.

Since 14 March the state of emergency has been in place in Spain and since 30 March the country is in full lockdown. The measures were later extended until 26 April. Check our website regularly to stay up to date about the situation around Marbella, Puerto Banus, Mijas and other popular luxury locations on the Costa del Sol.

C субботы 14 марта по распоряжению Правительства Испании, было объявлено, что в связи с дальнейшим распространением коронавируса COVID-19 в стране вводится режим повышенной готовности ограничив передвижение людей на 15 дней. Этот срок был продлен с согласия парламента до 11 апреля.

Можно ли совершать пробежки?

Закрыты пляжи в Марбелье, Михасе, Эстепоне, Фуэнхироле, Нерхе, других муниципалитетах, расположенных в провинции Малага. Когда они могут вновь заработать, неизвестно.

Одними из первых о закрытии пляжей – еще до объявления властями режима повышенной опасности – объявили ряд регионов, в том числе Валенсия и Мурсия, куда направились жители Мадрида после того, как на прошлой неделе были закрыты столичные школы. Власти этих регионов призвали “не рассматривать ситуацию как каникулы” и указали, что большинство случаев коронавируса выявлено среди приехавших из испанской столицы.

Будут ли работать бары, рестораны, кафе?

Повсюду закрыты бары, рестораны, музеи, театры, спортивные и культурные центры, некоторые парки, другие развлекательные заведения, школы, университеты, магазины за исключением продовольственных и предметов первой необходимости.

Ситуация в магазинах

В магазинах сначала все выметали, но уже все продукты на месте. Самыми популярными продуктами были туалетная бумага и дезинфицирующие мыло. Люди стали чаще покупать алкоголь, у стеллажей с вином часто можно увидеть даже бабулек. Также популярные цитрусовые, замороженные м консервированные продукты такие как тунец, томатная паста.

Супермаркеты и магазины в Испании ввели новые часы работы и приняли специальные меры при ЧП минимальное безопасное расстояние между покупателями должно составлять один метр.

Можно ли выгуливать собаку или гулять с детьми в парках?

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прогулки с игрушечными животными. В Twitter появилось видео с испанцем, который шел по улице с игрушечной собакой на поводке, к нему подъехала полиция на автомобиле и предупредила о штрафе, если и в дальнейшем будет пытаться обмануть полицию. И такие случаи не единичны. Также владельцы собак предлагают сдать своих животных в аренду – за несколько десятков евро.


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Book your Luxury Dream Villa in Marbella: 6 Premium Categories

Choosing the perfect villa in Marbella to suit your needs and contribute to a superb holiday experience can be tricky at times. We know that there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to deciding where to spend your holidays in Marbella. Understandably, everyone has different needs and different desires!

We understand that you do not want to spend your precious time going through pages and pages of luxury villa listings.

So that is why we decided to offer a helping hand. This list will help you with finding the perfect rental villa for your magnificent Marbella (summer) holiday. It is important that you decide what is it that you are looking for in a villa for your next holiday. Are you looking to go out every other night, or is it enough for you to enjoy the private pool with private beach access? Are you coming with your family, or are you coming with a group of friends? Do you enjoy spending time in the mountains and are you looking for some quiet time? All of these factors are important when deciding which villa suits you best.

Exceptional villas

It could very well be that you are looking for a villa with specific, extraordinary qualities. Simply put, some villas trump all other villas with their exceptional looks and features. We highlight two villas for you that will take your breath away. Have a look…or simply book!

Villa Neto

Villa Neto is one of the finest villas available for rent in Marbella. Designed by Joaquín Torres, Spain’s leading designer of luxury villas. Located in the most exclusive gated community of Marbella, yet only 5 minutes away from all the cosmopolitan attractions of Marbella, Nueva Andalucia, and Puerto Banus. Special about this property is the amazing continuity between indoor and outdoor living.

Furthermore, this boutique-style home offers unmatched artisan quality finishes with first-class spa luxury and gym on the lower floor. Extra features are a world-class tennis court, luxury staff apartment and a garage holding space for more than 9 cars.


P: +34 952 768 331



Villa Collantes

Villa Collantes is absolutely an exceptional villa situated in a frontline golf location. From this spot, you can see the sea, the mountains and golf courses. It is superbly located on the road to Benahavis and is only a 10-minute drive from Puerto Banus & Marbella. The bright and spacious design of the villa, including the sunny terraces and private gazebo, make this place one of the most unique on the coast. Due to its location, you will find peace and quiet but are close to all the hotspots in the region too. Whether you like to play golf or go shopping in Puerto Banus, all is just within a ten-minute ride.

Photo by Wayne Chasan · All Rights Reserved · ©

And if you like to stay in, there is enough to keep yourself busy. What do you think of taking a swim in the private heated pool while having an amazing view of the sea? Or do you prefer exercising in your own private gym? If this is not your cup of tea, there is also the possibility of having a drink in the bodega. This exceptional villa has it all.


P: +34 952 768 331



Villas in the mountains/villas for relaxation

When you are looking for a luxurious villa in the mountains, Marbella might not jump to mind right away. But nevertheless, in and around Marbella, you will find a premium selection of amazing villas situated in the mountains. Private sanctuaries in which you can enjoy all the luxury features ranging from private pools to gyms and saunas.

Keep in mind that for reaching Marbella or Puerto Banus you might need to take your own luxury transportation, or order a cab. But, all the hotspots on the coast are reached in less than 20 minutes. A small price to pay for 100% views and astonishing views, right?

Villa Maella

When you are looking for a quiet and tranquil time in the mountains, but not too far away from Marbella, we have the right luxury villa for you. Villa Maella is a luxurious and elegant villa located at Sierra Blanca in the hills behind the Golden Mile.

This location offers exceptional views of Gibraltar and North Africa, as well as views of La Concha mountain. It is located very conveniently at a 5-minute drive from Puerto Banus, Nueva Andalucia and Marbella.


P: +34 952 768 331


Villa Laranova

Villa Laranova is an extraordinary villa set on a huge plot of over 6 acres and located in a very private community with 24-hour security. If you are looking for a quiet time this villa is all you are looking for. Very private and at a very convenient location. Note: this villa is also very suitable for families.


P: +34 952 768 331


Villas for shopping & nightlife

One of the things Marbella, and Puerto Banus in particular, is famous for is the vibrant nightlife. So when you are looking to enjoy everything Puerto Banus has to offer by nighttime, there are some amazing opportunities for you. We have a prime selection of luxurious villa for rent within walking distance from the action. As you might know, Puerto Banus is a shopping Walhalla, with luxury stores ranging from Louis Vuitton to Dior, to Dolce & Gabbana.

Residencia Casas

Residencia Casas is an exclusive luxurious presidential apartment with its own private rooftop swimming pool. Do you see yourself swimming in your own private rooftop pool overlooking Puerto Banus? With this apartment, you have the ultimate getaway when looking to do some shopping done.

The location of the villa is outstanding since it is located at the entrance of Puerto Banus itself and it boasts astonishing views of Puerto Banus. Due to its location, it is perfect for shopping or enjoying the various clubs Puerto Banus has to offer.


P: +34 952 768 331



Beachfront luxury villas

Marbella is, of course, famous for.. the beautiful sun-drenched beach. So when you are looking for the perfect beachfront villa for rent in Marbella..we can assure you that you will find the ultimate, premium villa that suits your lifestyle. We offer a broad selection of frontline rental villas for you, so whether you are coming with guests or as a couple, there will be a villa suitable for you.


Villa Sunyer

6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms
300 m²
From €4,500 Per Week
One of the things Marbella is famous for is the many outstanding beach clubs in the area. The mother of all beach clubs Nikki Beach is actually situated right next to this exclusive contemporary villa. So if you are looking to go to Nikki Beach every day this is the place to be for your holiday.

Naturally, the place features its own private pool as well, so if you are looking to relax for a bit you can swim and hang out around the pool for days. Next to that, it boasts a fully equipped outdoor kitchen which is ideal for having luxurious dinner parties under the stars. And the beach is only 300m away!


P: +34 952 768 331


Villa Sanchez

You cannot get any closer to the beach than when staying in Villa Sanchez. This remarkable villa is a spectacular frontline beach property surrounded by golden sand and natural dunes.
Due to its location on the east side of Marbella, you can enjoy the best beaches in the area and still be very close to Marbella and Puerto Banus (10-minute drive).

When you are done with spending time by the private pool you can move the party up to the private rooftop bar where you can enjoy a magnificent Marbella sunset.

The property is newly-built to the highest standards, designed by top Marbella architect Jose Carlos Moya.

Furthermore, this villa boasts a private spa with a jacuzzi, steam bath and sauna. So there are enough possibilities to fully relax in this exquisite villa.


P: +34 952 768 331



Villa Clemente

When staying in Villa Clemente you are sure of the fact that you are staying in one of the most exceptional modern-contemporary designed and furnished detached beachfront villas in Marbella. The villa is located within walking distance of Puerto Banus, where you can find the best restaurants with their mouth-watering dishes.

You don’t have to worry about your cars because the underground garage offers space for seven cars. And if that is not enough, there’s even space for 5 more on the driveway. One of the unique features is the saltwater heated swimming pool where you can relax all day just sipping on a cocktail.

This cocktail is of course made by your private live-in housekeeper who will be there to assist you with your cleaning and cooking duties. And if that is not enough, you can always ask the 24/7 concierge to arrange anything for you, from a reservation at the Dani Garcia star restaurant to a VIP treatment at the best nightclubs in Puerto Banus. You name it, we make it happen.


P: +34 952 768 331


Villa Andreu

Located very conveniently on the beachfront of the Golden Mile Villa Andreu is one of the most astonishing tropical villas in Marbella. Surrounded by palm trees, the zen garden and the beach Villa Andreu is a perfect to place to fully relax. Villa Andreu even has its own pine-scented Finnish sauna and private gym. Another way to relax is by watching a movie in the spacious cinema room.

When staying here the dedicated staff is fully at your needs, ranging from the butler, maid and dining staff to your own private first-class spa therapist as well as personal trainer.
And if you need anything else our 24/7 concierge service is there to accommodate you in all your needs.

Fun fact: Villa Andreu is actually one of the Costa del Sol’s most illustrious venues for weddings and special occasions.


P: +34 952 768 331


Villa Miro

Near to the renowned Los Monteros Hotel, we have this fully renovated beachfront villa available for you. Imagine yourself spending time in your own private infinity pool. But there is more. This villa has a unique feature in its private access to the protected dunes and sandy beach. This is one of the most exclusive features a villa can have and it is now available for you.
It is only a 5-minute drive to Marbella, where you can find all of the best restaurants and can do all the shopping you want.


P: +34 952 768 331


Villa Melendez

This is truly a unique villa located at one of the most premium locations: Los Monteros in East Marbella. The uniqueness of this villa stems from the fact that the villa is mainly on one level, arranged around an interior Arabesque style courtyard.  The villa is divided into two areas: the prime living part and a guest quarters. Furthermore, the villa boasts a private heated indoor pool, as well as a gym and cinema. Externally, there are exquisite tropical gardens with a large pool and a covered dining area.


P: +34 952 768 331


Villas for families

Going away as a family is a beautiful way to reconnect and spend quality time together. Key here is to have space to relax without being in each other’s face’s all the time.

Important is to make sure there are enough bathrooms, especially when going away with children, let alone grandchildren. Remember: you can never have enough bathrooms when going away with kids.
Having a private balcony of your room is a great way to get some of that well deserved quiet time as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether the pool is suitable for small children. So check the depth and access to the pool.

Villa Barcelo

Picture yourself spending the summer here in Marbella in your own private lagoon-style pool. This rental villa is perfect for a first-class getaway with your whole family and the jacuzzi even has room for 15 people. All of this is set in private and beautifully landscaped tropical gardens. Perfect for you and your loved ones.


P: +34 952 768 331



Villas for yacht/marina lovers

Travelling with your yacht is a superb way to visit Marbella. For the time you wish to have some rest away from your yacht, a short or longer stay in Puerto Banus is a great idea.

Here you can enjoy all the amenities in the most luxurious way thinkable. If you feel like shopping, you take a stroll along the shopping street of Puerto Banus and go to Louis Vuitton or Dior. And when you are looking to have the night of your life, Puerto Banus is famous for its nightlife. For example, Olivia Valere where there’s a special reservation made for you at the VIP deck by our private concierge. No doubt that you will have the time of your life.

Villa Orrente

Located at just 100 metres from the beach and a 5-minute stroll from the marina, you can find the magnificent Villa Orrente. This villa is furnished with modern-contemporary design and features two swimming pools, one for adults and one for children.

The many attractions of Puerto Banus are just a short walk away.

This villa is also covered by our unique 24/7 concierge service, so everything you need you can just ask your concierge and we will take care of it right away.


P: +34 952 768 331


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About Marbella

NUEVA ANDALUCIA – Luxury Locations Marbella

Nueva Andalucia is a newly built area immediately north from Puerto Banus, consisting of luxurious villas and apartments set amidst splendid gardens and trees, that has become a highly sought-after spot for house buyers.

This former small fishing village was completely renovated in 1963 by the famous project developer José Banús and it was later renamed Nueva Andalucía. The project was intended as a residential area for citizens who were not as wealthy as the sultans, kings and celebrities who had already settled in the Milla de Oro (Golden Mile).

Above all Nueva Andalucía is mainly known as the Golf Valley, as you will find 4 golf courses in the area, which makes this area the highest concentration of golf courses per inhabitant. The area is perfect for golfers because of the four top golf courses that are in the close proximity including Las Brisas, Los Naranjos, Aloha Golf and La Dama de Noche. Nueva Andalucia has a perfect balance, set far enough back from the bustle of Puerto Banus to feel peaceful amidst the Sierra de Ronda mountain range and close enough to walk into the port as and when necessary.

Luxury villa for rent in Nueva Andalucia – Cilo Marbella

Things to do in Nueva Andalucia

Nueva Andalucia is a vibrant area and it offers a wide range of restaurants, terraces and cafes. A few of the finest and most luxurious hotspots of the Costa del Sol are situated in Nueva Andalucia. We highlighted a few for you, so you know where to go when in Nueva Andalucia.

Go for lunch at BREATHE

One of the finest Marbella hotspots is right around the corner:  BREATHE Marbella. Let our private concierge make a reservation for you and be sure to check out this exclusive hotspot.

BREATHE is so much more than a restaurant or bar alone, this multifaceted gastronomic concept offers a place in Marbella where you can relax, dine, meet, socialise, enjoy a cocktail and be inspired by quality food made with care. This extraordinary place is fairly new to the scene in Nueva Andalucia, but it already has made a lasting impact and has seriously raised the bar for fine, sustainable dining.

La Sala (by the Sea)

La Sala in Puerto Banús (Nueva Andalucia) is the only restaurant & bar in Marbella area that offers live music from renowned musicians, singers and DJs seven days a week. On Sundays, La Sala offers live music all day long.

Sounds like a great night out, right? But what about the sundrenched Marbella summer days? No problem…the group behind La Sala got you and your friends covered! Situated on the shore of the most popular beach in Puerto Banus, La Sala by the Sea offers the ultimate beach club experience with pool and beach beds designed in a Thai inspired theme.

La Sala By The Sea is literally located on the beach area of Nueva Andalucia. Relax and enjoy the warm sunshine in this hip, stylish and luxurious beach club in Marbella. Be sure to take a refreshing dip in the pool and enjoy a nice cocktail in a jacuzzi.  During the weekends top DJs claim the turntables and take care of throwing a party like you never seen before.

La Sala By The Sea hosts weekly events such as Fruitilicious Thursdays and Sunkissed Sundays and is also known for the various parties during the year such as the white and gold party and the Kiss FM pool party. If you like it exclusive you should reserve a spot in the VIP area at the private swimming pool with rocks and large sunbeds overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

For reservations: Tel: +34 95 281 4145 | Email:


One of the best-kept secrets of the Costa del Sol is OAK Garden & Grill, situated in a garden of an Andalusian style villa. Of course, OAK is located in a prime location, actually right next to La Sala. The tables are situated around a big oak tree, hence the name, and the restaurants give you the feeling of being in an intimate secret garden. OAK is part of the La Sala family and the menu created by La Sal’s Executive Chef James Adams is of a very high standard, with both delicious grill specialities as well as a selection of La Sala’s famous signature dishes.

The OAK restaurant is charming and has a high degree of elegance, so do not forget to check out this lovely unique restaurant when in Nueva Andalucia.

Casino Marbella

Are you feeling lucky? Be sure to check out the only casino in Marbella, which is situated in Nueva Andalucia. They organise weekly poker tournaments, as well as bigger events every once in a while. They open daily at 12 PM and do not close until 5 AM, so there is always a good time to go out and win some money. Or lose some. Does it matter? No, it is all about the game and the thrill!


Costa del Sol Luxury Property

Nao Pool Club

We can not really call this a beach club since it is not situated next to the beach at all, but this is definitely a place worth visiting. It is part of the Olivia Valere family, which is the hottest nightclub in Puerto Banus. And since a couple of years they opened the Nao Pool Club, which is a beach club, but then situated by nature and not at the beach at all, a pool club.
It has a definite beach-club vibe, so you could say this is the perfect place for beach club lovers who don’t like the sand! Since it is in the residential area of Nueva Andalucia it offers a peaceful, yet stylish space surrounded by green. It  has the feeling of an island hideaway with cool music. The restaurant is highly praised for its great food and it is considered very good value for money compared to some of the more established beach clubs.

Definitely a MUST GO when in Nueva Andalucia.

Puerto Banus Marbella

Go shopping in Puerto Banus

When in Nueva Andalucia, be sure to check out Puerto Banus. This is the famous marina, which is located right next to Nueva Andalucia. This is the ultimate place on the costa del sol to go shopping, since all the high fashion brands have stores here. So if you are looking to score a new outfit for your night out, this is the place to be. Stores range from Louis Vuitton to Michael Kors and from Dolce & Gabbana to Dior. So there is something for everyone!

Luxury Villas for Rent in Nueva Andalucia

We are proud to present one of the leading collections of luxury villa rentals for Marbella and the surrounding areas. In the area of Nueva Andalucia, we offer 7 astonishing villas to rent. Please find three highlighted properties below. For all rental villas, enquiries or direct bookings, please visit our Nueva Andalucia luxury rental page.


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About Marbella

Luxury Secrets Costa del Sol revealed: Ultimate Marbella Guide

Welcome to Cilo Marbella, the luxury boutique real estate agency of Marbella.  Are you looking for things to do in Marbella next summer? Are you visiting the Costa del Sol for the first time? We invite you to discover the best-hidden luxury leisure secrets of Marbella…and other important hotspots on the Costa del Sol.  Welcome to Luxury Secrets Costa del Sol revealed: Ultimate Marbella Guide!

What can you expect?

  1. Area guide
    – Estepona
    – Benahavis
    – San Pedro de Alcantara
    – Nueva Andalucia
    – Puerto Banus
    – Marbella
    – Mijas Costa
  2. Water fun
  3. Costa del golf
  4. Equestrian
  5. Luxury Beach clubs in Marbella
  6. Luxurious Nightlife
  7. Wellness
  8. Culture
  9. Food
  10. Shopping
  11. Pump up the adrenaline
  12. Bonus tip: Sierra Nevada and stay in El Lodge



Unlike some resort towns on the Costa del Sol, Estepona has remained true to its fishing village roots and has retained its typical Andalusian atmosphere. Once a small fishing and farming village it is now a bustling community and tourist destination located West of San Pedro in the direction of Algeciras.

Although very popular with visitors, it has managed to retain much of its local Spanish charm. The municipality stretches for more than 21km along the Mediterranean Sea and includes some of the best and quietest beaches on the Costa del Sol. Estepona also boasts spectacular scenery, including the Los Reales mountains to the north. The highest resort peak is at 1449m above sea level, one of the highest in the province. These mountains are home to the extremely rare Pinsapo pine tree.

Estepona town has had an expansion in recent years. It is now high on the list of the most beautiful resorts on this side of the Costa del Sol. Many streets are for pedestrians only and are flanked by whitewashed houses decorated with colourful geraniums. The beach promenade stretches for several kilometres.

→ MUST GO: Healthouse Las Dunas, New Golden Mile

The Health & Spa Center of Healthhouse Las Dunas is known to provide the latest in exclusive treatments designed to enhance your sense of well-being – leaving you feeling renewed and refreshed. It is a premier Naturhouse medical spa designed to make you look and feel more beautiful and – more important: Healthy & Happy! Every treatment is performed by an extensively trained professional and supervised by our medical team and our nutrition experts. A must-visit for luxury spa lovers!

las dunas health and spa


Benahavis is one of the richest municipalities in Spain. It owes this to a large number of high-quality luxury developments around the village. Golf resorts such as La Quinta and Los Arqueros belong to Benahavis, as does La Zagaleta, an exclusive gated estate where some of the most exclusive properties in Spain and even Europe can be found.

The municipality stretches over a large area of about 150km2, from the coastal area to the mountains between Marbella and Estepona. It differs from the other Costa del Sol resorts due to the fact that it’s a more quiet and traditional mountain village which has retained its Andalusian feel.

Although the village is small, the municipality itself is very large. It includes numerous mountain ranges, river valleys and forests, making it one of the most beautiful places on the Costa del Sol. Home to many golf courses and exclusive properties, and its natural environment combined with very low-density construction, makes Benahavis very popular for buying property on the Costa del Sol, especially among foreigners looking for an oasis of peace, luxury and quiet within easy reach of Marbella.

→ MUST GO: play golf at Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club or visit the luxury residential resort of La Zagaleta.

San Pedro de Alcantara

San Pedro de Alcantara is a tourist place, once known for its sugar cane, now mainly for its long golden beaches. San Pedro de Alcántara is in an ideal location, because of its close proximity (10 km) to Marbella and Puerto Banus (a few minutes), but less crowded. From San Pedro de Alcantara you are only a few minutes’ drive from the Sierra Ronda. An exciting drive of 50 km through and along rocky landscapes, forests, ravines and remote villages brings you to the beautiful old town of Ronda, known for its spectacular location. In the old town, with traditional Spanish atmosphere, is a beautiful square, narrow streets, terraces, bars and small shops. There are still beautifully restored buildings and a 6th Visigoth basilica.

A pleasant walk is from the town centre to the kilometres of the beautiful beach of Playa de San Pedro de Alcantara and promenade (Paseo Maritimo). Along the promenade a number of hotels, apartment complexes, many terraces and restaurants.

Don’t forget to visit Bora Bora. It was one of the first established (luxury) modern tropical beach clubs on the coast, with an excellent restaurant (Prince William and Harry came to Bora Bora beach in 1997 to ride the jet skis!).

→ MUST GO:  go to Bora Bora Beach club

Nueva Andalucia

Nueva Andalucia is a newly built area immediately north from Puerto Banus, consisting of luxurious villas and apartments set amidst splendid gardens and trees, that has become a highly sought-after spot for house buyers.

This former small fishing village was completely renovated in 1963 by the famous project developer José Banús and it was later renamed Nueva Andalucía or New Andalusia. The project was intended as a residential area for citizens who were not as wealthy as the sultans, kings and celebrities who had already settled in the Milla de Oro.

Above all Nueva Andalucía is mainly known as Golf Valley, as you will find 4 golf courses in the area, which makes this area the highest concentration of golf courses per inhabitant. The area is perfect for golfers because of the four top golf courses that are in the close proximity including Las Brisas, Los Naranjos, Aloha Golf and La Dama de Noche. Nueva Andalucia has a perfect balance, set far enough back from the bustle of Puerto Banus to feel peaceful amidst the Sierra de Ronda mountain range and close enough to walk into the port as and when necessary.

→ MUST GO:  go here to golf at LA QUINTA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB
→ MUST GO FOODIES: Restaurant Breathe, La Sala and Aquamist (nightclub)

Puerto Banus

Puerto Banús, located about 7 kilometres from the centre of Marbella, was developed by José Banús in the late 1960s. He was looking for something that would allow Marbella to develop economically and touristically. He came up with the look and feel of Puerto Banús: a beautiful Andalusian white village with a luxury marina in front of it. The opening in the ’70s was widely celebrated, with guests including the current king of Spain and Hugh Hefner.

Since then Puerto Banús has grown into one of Spain’s most famous marinas. Today, Puerto Banùs is visited by five million tourists every year. They can buy luxury items in the streets around the port in the shops of expensive brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Dolce & Gabbana and stroll along the Boulevard de la Fama.

Puerto Banùs is an absolute must!

→ MUST GO: go shopping at the Louis Vuitton store or rent a yacht in the marina. Learn more:


Marbella is the most famous seaside resort on the Costa del Sol and has a reputation as one of the most glamorous holiday destinations in Southern Europe. Discovered by the world’s jet-set in the 60’s, Marbella stands for luxury and high-quality experiences – that is why some of Europe’s highest quality properties can be found here, as well as first-class golf courses and some of the world’s best beach clubs.

The city of Marbella has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in southern Spain for many decades. This is mainly due to the excellent climate that prevails there throughout the year and the many beautiful hotels and accommodations that can be found there. Marbella is known for its excellent golf courses and there are no less than ten in the immediate vicinity of the city. The main attraction of Marbella remains, of course, the promenade where most of the restaurants and shops can be found.

Unlike many other seaside resorts in Spain, Marbella did not originate from a sleepy fishing village that later became a famous seaside resort, but was already a well-known place in Roman times, even though Marbella was known as Salduba at the time. The current name Marbella owes the city to the Moorish domination.

In the immediate vicinity of Marbella, there are quite a few golf courses. Some of them are right next to the city but most of them are in the hill around Marbella. The highest-rated courses in the Marbella area are Marbella Club Golf Resort, Flamingos Golf Club and Marbella Golf and Country Club. However, there is one thing the different courses all have and that is challenging holes. The hilly landscape of Marbella provides the necessary challenge while playing golf.

→ MUST GO: go enjoy the day & night at Nikki Beach

Mijas Costa

Mijas Costa is located in the center of the Costa del Sol in southern Spain and stretches for 12 kilometres along the Mediterranean coast from Cabo Pino in Marbella in the west to Fuengirola in the east.

Mijas Costa is one of the largest resorts on the Costa del Sol and is home to some of the most popular locations to buy property in southern Spain. It consists of the following developments: Calahonda, Riviera del Sol, Miraflores, La Cala de Mijas, El Chaparral and Las Farola.

Mijas Costa is part of the municipality of Mijas, one of the largest in the province. Mijas Costa stretches over a distance of 12km along the coast between Marbella and Fuengirola.

→ MUST GO: play golf at La Cala Golf.
Visit the traditional old town of Mijas Pueblo.


2. Water Fun

Marbella boat parties

Marbella boat parties are the best you will ever experience. Turn up the tempo on dreamy summer days with beautiful people, flowing drinks, glittering waters and a gentle breeze, then party into the night back on dry land. The world’s best DJs provide the soundtrack to a day of debauchery, where you’ll find a fully stocked bar and an electric atmosphere.


To see Marbella from a totally different and radical point of view, why don’t you try this exciting option: riding a jet ski. Discover the exciting feeling of driving a jet ski at high speeds.


Or do you prefer a little more active? Water skiing is done especially during the summer months in Marbella when the temperature rises well above 25 degrees. There are several providers that offer boats and equipment along Costa del Sol.


3. Golf

Did you know that there are more golf courses in Marbella per inhabitant than anywhere else in the world? That’s why some refer to the Costa del Sol as the Golf Valley.
Golf is a sport that enables you to spend an enjoyable day surrounded by nature and peace and quiet. Playing golf on the Costa del Sol is synonymous with hitting the ball on a golf course designed by the best professionals, going from hole to hole with the sea as a backdrop and enjoying a game in a climate with enviable year-round temperatures. Few places in the world can offer similar conditions. We put together a small list for you with the creme de la creme of golf courses on the Costa Del Sol.

Los Naranjos

Los Naranjos Golf course is definitely a championship course. With large, curvy greens, wide paths and water in the play at several holes, the design is a true challenge for all handicap levels. With greens in perfect condition and continuous improvements to the playing terrain, Los Naranjos is one of the most outstanding courses on the Costa del Sol.

La Quinta Golf & Club

La Quinta Golf & Club is an amazing golf course that adapts to all levels of the game. La Quinta Golf Club has 27 holes divided into three rounds and nine holes, which form part of the natural surroundings of the zone, from where you can see the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains.

La Cala Mijas

La Cala in Mijas is one of Europe’s largest golf courses. Golfers from all over the world are attracted by its size, the quality of its facilities and the private location. It even consists of three 18-hole golf courses.

4. Equestrian

Well, maybe golf isn’t your thing. Maybe you are more of a horse lover. In that case, there are some amazing opportunities for you on the Costa del Sol as well.

Watch a game of polo

What do you think of watching an exciting game of Polo at the Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande? The Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande is a famed location on the polo high goal tournament circuit.
The famous grounds of Sotogrande have been dubbed the ‘Wimbledon of Polo Pitches’, they are renowned as the best in the world. This is partly due to their location; flanked on various sides by a tropical nursery, the Guadiaro River, extensive blue skies, sun and distant mountains.

Ride a horse at the Santa Maria Equestrian Club

If you are not so much the competitive type you can also just go riding at the Santa Maria Equestrian Club. Santa Maria Equestrian Club is a new equestrian centre born with a vocation of exclusivity, excellence and service, providing facilities that meet the most demanding standards of sporting and functional quality.

Go for a horse ride at the beach

Have you always dreamed of riding a horse along the ocean at sunset? Take your chance and go for a lovely horse ride on the beach.

5. Luxury Beach clubs in Marbella

Ocean Club

Do you like Champagne? Actually, it doesn’t really matter if you do. If you don’t, you could still go to the Ocean Club Champagne party and spray your friends with a 6 litres size Moët from your VIP location. When the sun sets and the day seems to come to an end, the party just begins at Ocean Club, one of the best beach clubs in Marbella. This club is famous for its opening and closing parties with live acts, fireworks and other forms of entertainment. During the summer, many people visit Ocean Club to enjoy the best champagne and pool parties. Did you know that champagne parties originated at the Ocean Club?

Nikki beach

The beach club that basically started it all, Nikki Beach is still the venue that sets the standards.The legendary Nikki Beach in Marbella represents everything cool and glamorous about beachside chilling.  This is where Marbella’s exclusive crowd can be found and is universally known for their fun vibes and good food. It has been a fixture on the Marbella scene for two decades. And what’s not to like?You can spend the whole day there or just rock up for the evening’s entertainment. When the club gets started it fills out all the areas, with live music, soulful house and creatively clad Nikki Beach dancers whipping the place up into a hedonistic frenzy. It’s the beach club to be seen at, and with 1000’s of young and beautiful people filling the place over the course of an evening, it pays to dress to impress.

Finca Cortesin

The beach club of Finca Cortesin is one of the classiest ones around, so we couldn’t leave it out of this list. It’s an elegant and sophisticated affair where you relax immediately upon arrival, want for nothing and feel thoroughly loved throughout your stay and leave feeling utterly serene. The tasteful seating and sunbeds are either clustered around the infinity pool or facing out to sea on this attractive, and less developed stretch of coast. The restaurant serves up casual seafood and rice dishes, but to Finca Cortesin’s five-star standard.

6. Luxurious Nightlife

Olivia Valere

If you are more into ‘the real thing’, and want to spend the night with some real Hollywood stars, Olivia Valere is what you’re looking for. Olivia Valère is the epitome of glamorous and luxurious club experience in Marbella. You’ll party in a spectacular setting of outdoor arenas in a replica of the Alhambra and the Mezquita. So it’s no wonder celebrities enjoy being captured on camera at this club. Olivia Valère is the perfect place in Marbella to have a drink and dance in front of the high society.


TIBU is right in the centre of the luxurious Puerto Banús. Inside, the dancers occupy podiums while DJs mix a funky rhythm. The drinks are reasonably priced despite being an exclusive spot and usually has a young and fashion-loving audience. The elegant and secluded VIP areas are perfect for escaping the bustle of the dance floor and relaxing with friends or someone special.


Festivities under the stars with a view over the harbour. Pangea is a rooftop club where the international jet-set likes to stay. The club has a very luxurious atmosphere with leather lounge sofas and surprising lighting. Especially when the temperature rises to a high level, this club is, of course, ideal, dancing in the open air brings sufficient cooling!

If you love Moët this is the place to be. Pangea even organises parties in cooperation with this brand!

7. Wellness

Finca Cortesin Spa

The spa of Finca Cortesin in Casares is phenomenal and the place to completely unwind. The space is large and full of natural light. This spa is amazing for Couples and people needing to get away from it all for total relaxation. Oh, and ageing rock superstars, too – Axel Rose is known to spend weeks here…we guess it is his Paradise City!

Healthouse Las Dunas Estepona

Take time out to focus entirely on yourself at Healthouse Las Dunas. This palatial spa resort has wellbeing at its core, welcoming guests seeking detox from day-to-day life – or just some Mediterranean sun-soaked relaxation. All in a classic Andalusian setting, with off-white buildings, lush gardens and sea views.

Villa Padierna Wellness

Villa Padierna Wellness is the only wellness on the Costa del Sol with an aromatic spa circuit and provides a wonderful place to recharge, detoxify and relax.
The aromatic thermal circuit is astonishingly impressive and includes a number of steam rooms, saunas and hot and cold pools.

8. Culture


Mijas, a traditional white village at the foot of the Sierra de Mijas, was declared of historical and artistic importance in 1969. This is not so much because of its art and history, but because of the essence of its typical atmosphere and charisma, which gives the village an unmistakable artistic value with remains, reminiscent of its Muslim past. The historical centre is not limited to places such as the chapel of the Virgen de la Peña, the remains of the city walls with the remains of the old castle and the parish church, but also the Santa Ana district in the other part of the village.


Ronda is described as one of the most beautiful in Andalusia and even in Spain. Ronda is completely whitewashed and has some beautiful examples of typical Andalusian architecture. The city lies high above the River Guadalevin Gorge and has beautiful views of the fertile landscape and the incomparable mountains, including peaks at almost 2,000 meters altitude.

The city is divided into two sections: Ronda la Vieja (Old Ronda) is the name given to the area south of the famous Puente Nuevo bridge, built-in 1755 across the gorge; and Ronda la Nueva (New Ronda), which covers the rest of the town. Ronda la Vieja lives up to its name. You’ll find some of Ronda’s oldest monuments, as well as the Arab Baths and the Water Mine. There are many beautiful mansions with elegant terraces, delicately wrought iron window grilles and beautiful porticoes. Some have impressive views over the riverbanks and mountains.

You will also find the Ronda Bullring, one of the oldest in Spain and also a bullfighting museum. The main shops and restaurants in Ronda can be found in this part of town, as well as the train and bus stations.

Granada: Alhambra

The Alhambra in Granada is the most renowned monument in southern Spain and, according to some, even in Europe. In 2015, more than 2.5 million visitors enjoyed its impressive palaces and breathtaking views of the city of Granada. In fact, the Alhambra is located on the top of a hill in the centre of the city, allowing visitors to view districts such as Sacromonte and Albaicín from above, as well as the rest of the city stretching southwards.

Thanks to its thousand-year-old history, the Alhambra offers its visitors many different impressions. The huge complex has been inspired over time by Muslim, Christian and Gypsy cultures and this diversity makes it one of the most beloved and fascinating attractions.


9. Food

Dani Garcia

A must visit when in Marbella are the two restaurants of Dani García. We are of course talking about the impressive fine dining establishment Lobito del Mar of chef Dani García. The menu is heavily influenced by Andalusian cuisine and famously flavorful and prepared in innovative ways. Prepare yourself for mouthwatering dishes and an absolute unique ambience. If you feel like eating tapas, In brasserie BiBo, Dani Garcia brings together dishes that his gastronomic memory has been accumulating during trips inside and outside of Spain.


Skina is an intimate and lovely restaurant which currently holds two Michelin stars. You can find the restaurant in the Old Quarter of Marbella.
Fresh seafood is the emphasis, combined with a lovely wine from the restaurant’s impressive wine list.

Hills Café

Hills Café & Restaurant, the secret spot in Benahavis, offers lifestyle dining with a view!

When looking for a relaxed vibe, but with serious food, look no further than the Hills Café of the Benahavis Hills Country Club. The head chef Jean Francois Job brings an enormous Michelin Starred experience to the table and this is expressed in the surprising dishes, which differ from day-to-day. The restaurant is blessed with a gorgeous terrace where you can enjoy the magnificent sunset and the twinkling lights of the costa and even Africa at times…

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One of this week’s lunch specials: Pork Spare Ribs which are “slow cooked” to give you a super tasty, super tender, “fall off the bone” delicacy. #lunchwithaview #benahavis #hillscafe #lunchspecials #dailylunch #tender #caramelizedribs @benahavishills

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10. Shopping

Marbella is a shopper’s paradise. With an incredibly high density of luxury shops per square metre, the marina of Puerto Banus offers one of the best luxury shopping experiences in southern Europe. Strolling along the port, you can find all the most prestigious world-class luxury brands from Christian Dior to Versace and Louis Vuitton to Cartier.

We highlighted some of the best stores for you.


11. Pump up the adrenaline

Are you more of an adrenaline lover? Why don’t you try one of these activities?

Helicopter flight Marbella

Everything looks better from the sky in a helicopter. Since its creation, HeliairMarbella is offering unforgettable moments through their amazing helicopter rides Combining the thrill of flying with the different kinds of scenery in the South of Spain these helicopter rides are unforgettable moments. The colours, brightness and contrast of the green fields opposite the sea are of astonishing beauty. Another possibility is to use the helicopter flight for property viewing. This will give you a different perspective on the area.

Ascari Circuit

If horses won’t do it for you, how about some petrol? If you love the sound of a good engine and your passion is fast cars, there’s nothing like the Ascari circuit in Marbella. If you become a member of the Ascari Club, you could even park your car(s) in their high-security garage to then test its limits in the track whenever you feel like it. If you prefer driving their Academy cars, you could see how it feels to be at the Wheel of a their Lotus Elise, their BMW M6, their Porsche GT3 or the Ascari KZ1, a car designed by Ascari himself. Tempting, huh?

11. Bonus tip:

Go skiing in the Sierra Nevada and stay in El Lodge

One of the great things about living in the Costa Del Sol is the ability to go skiing in the winter and spring months. After the Alps, the Sierra Nevada is the highest mountain range in Europe with peaks of up to 3.5 thousand meters. A large part of it has been declared a protected nature reserve by UNESCO, but you can ski on the glacier for a large part of the year.

When looking for a wonderful place to stay, go check out El Lodge. Perched at more than 2,000 metres above sea level in the Sierra Nevada National Park, El Lodge has quickly turned into a sumptuous, cosy staple for both seasoned ski-goers and those looking to cuddle up fireside with the perfect après-ski scene. Its playful décor, ski-in/out deck and outdoor open-air heated pool make it the go-to refuge at just 45 minutes from Granada, a two-hour picturesque drive from the beaches of Marbella.

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About Marbella

Марбелья: мифы и реалии

Миф №1. Марбелья – это «большая деревня, село».

Марбелья признана престижным мировым курортом (по аналогии с Каннами, Лазурным Берегом Франции), в котором покупают недвижимость звезды мирового значения (спортсмены, артисты, представители королевских семей, князья, арабские шейхи).

Именно здесь расположены лучшие международные колледжи, теннисные и футбольные школы. Медицинское обслуживание также на высшем европейском уровне: одни из ведущих европейских клиник по пластической хирургии, лечению диабета, клиник по похудению,- находятся в Марбелье.

Единственный в своем роде отель в Марбелье – Villa Padierna – удостоился ШЕСТОЙ звезды после многочисленных тайных проверок.

Миф №2: В Марбелье очень жаркое и душное лето.

Испания – южная страна, а потому практически во всех ее регионах летом достаточно жарко. И все же «жара» – понятие относительное. Испания не идет ни в какое сравнение, например, с Египтом, где в июле столбик термометра может подняться до +42°C.

В Марбелье сохраняются удивительно приятные климатические условия. В самые жаркие месяцы воздух прогревается до +32-34°C градусов. Это даже меньше, чем в центральной части России!

Жаркий июль и август в Марбелье переносить намного легче за счет свежего морского воздуха и близлежащих гор. Также совсем рядом располагаются зеленые леса с кипарисами и эвкалиптами.

Бонусом к теплому лету в Марбелье идет теплая зима. Самый холодный месяц – это февраль, со средней температурой +15°C.

Жизнь в Марбелье

Миф №3: В Марбелье очень холодное море.

Атлантические течения действительно влияют на воду побережья Коста-дель-Соль. Благодаря приливам и отливам, Гибралтару вода здесь постоянно свежая и имеет температуру +25°C. Но холодной ее назвать невозможно.

Если же вы предпочитаете, чтобы море было таким же теплым, как и воздух, вам лучше отдыхать в ОАЭ, Турции и Египте, где оно прогревается до 32°C. Однако бодрости и свежести от такого купания вы не почувствуете.

Часто температуру воды на Коста-дель-Соль сравнивают с температурой воды в Аликанте (Коста Бланка). Однако в реальности жители Аликанте часто приезжают летом на Коста-дель-Соль – чтобы охладиться.


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Reservations for our weekly pool parties at will be Join us at the most beautiful beach club in #Marbella this summer, from April through to September! ../ #Sintillate

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Миф №4. На Коста дель Соль и в Марбелье высокий уровень преступности.

Коста дель Соль и Марбелья по данным статистики имеют САМЫЙ НИЗКИЙ уровень преступности во всей Испании. Марбелья – не город-миллионник, не мегаполис, куда стремятся на заработки эмигранты, где процветает торговля наркотиками и оружием, где воруют и убивают. Конечно, таковые случаи бывают. Но это скорее исключение, чем правило.

Кроме того, еще в 80-х годах 20 века власти Марбельи издали указ, в результате которого из Марбельи выселили всех неблагонадежных. С этого времени, преступность как таковая на Коста дель Соль если не отсутствует, то сведена к минимуму. Сюда приезжают, прежде всего, для того, чтобы отдохнуть в роскоши, спокойствии, комфорте. Марбелью ценят именно за безопасность (кроме, конечно, климата, экологии, великолепных пляжей и престижа).

Миф №5 Цены на недвижимость в Марбелье слишком завышены.

Курорт Марбелья имеет мировую славу. Очень часто именно этот город и муниципалитет побережья Коста дель Соль, а также Пуэрто Банус ассоциируется с престижем, статусом, гламуром и роскошью.

Соответственно, и рынок недвижимости этого региона Испании значительно отличается от других регионов более качественным строительством жилья, а также материалов, используемых при отделке. Именно в Марбелье работают лучшие архитекторы не только Андалусии, но и всей Испании. В своих работах они учитывают не только современные тенденции в строительстве, но прежде всего, они сохраняют самобытную культуру Андалусии, а также привносят элементы арабской культуры, которое оказала заметное влияние на этот регион.

Puerto Banus Marbella

Рынок недвижимости Марбельи нельзя приравнивать к общему рынку недвижимости Испании, поскольку он особый. Сюда не только приезжают для отдыха, но за покупками, ведь в Пуэрто Банусе сконцентрированы все самые лучшие и дорогие бутики модной одежды и аксессуаров. Здесь разъезжают исключительно на эксклюзивных автомобилях самых последних марок. И только здесь можно увидеть самые роскошные яхты!

Роскошные виллы в аренду в Марбелье

Villa Andreu – Villa Andreu is an astonishing luxury villa for rent located on the beachfront of the Golden Mile – the premier location on the coast.

Великолепное мастерство мастеров сияет на этой эксклюзивной вилле с шестью спальнями, где в андалузской архитектуре воплощена каждая современная роскошь. Частные ботанические угодья вдохновлены Альгамброй, а красота природы вокруг, усиленная фонтанами и водопадом и потрясающим бесконечным бассейном с видом на море. Маленькое чудо Вилла Андреу известна как одно из самых знаменитых мест на Коста-дель-Соль для проведения свадеб, эксклюзивных мероприятий и особых случаев. Спрятанный в самом сердце этого легендарного курорта, этот элегантный дом даже имеет собственный сдержанный вход с воротами.

Комфорт гарантирован благодаря огромным диванам в просторных гостиных, а счастье вдали от дома гарантировано, забота о кухне и баре, заполненном вашими любимыми блюдами, деликатесами ручной работы и выбором алкогольных напитков. Специально обученный персонал включает дворецкого, горничную и обеденный персонал, а также первоклассного спа-терапевта и личного тренера, когда это необходимо. У отеля есть собственный прямой доступ к одному из самых знаменитых песчаных берегов Южной Европы.

Просмотреть все объекты аренды

Luxury Estate Agency Cilo Marbella to visit Hong Kong

A leading Spanish real estate company will be visiting Hong Kong in January 2020 to speak with clients interested in investing in Spain and securing an EU visa waiver, and a path to EU citizenship.

Cilo Marbella, based in the titular southern Spanish resort city, has an investment project that offers brand new modern villas, with private swimming pools and gardens, located close to the popular luxury tourist destinations of Marbella and Puerto Banus. The villas are 450 square metres in size and priced at just under €1 million.  The company then undertakes to rent the luxury villa out when not in use by the owner and expects to generate income of approximately €50,000 pa.

According to director Jason Higgs, there is a joint attraction for Hong Kong residents. ‘We are finding the people in Hong Kong are just as interested in the EU visa waiver and path to citizenship, as they are the financial investment aspects of the project. The recent unrest has led to a pronounced spike in enquiries from Hong Kong. I think people are interested in keeping their options open at the moment’.

The Golden Visa programme has proved popular with non-EU citizens according to Mr Higgs. ‘To qualify for this there needs to be a minimum investment level of €500,000. We can offer local 70% finance but the half a million needs to be brought in from outside of Spain to qualify.’

Marbella and Puerto Banus are renowned throughout Europe for being prestigious luxury resort locations, comparable to the Cote d’Azur in France. In addition to this investment product, the company also offers a wide range of properties to suit different budgets all the way from €500,000 – €50 million.

About Cilo Marbella

Cilo Marbella was formed by two former affiliate directors with Sotheby’s International Realty, and are members of the, by invitation only, Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate organisation which collectively sells over $300 billion of real estate annually. The company will be sending consultant Dr Rosarii Griffin to meet with clients on 28/29 January and anyone interested in discussing their requirements should contact her at

For further information contact Valeria Gelvich on +34 952 768 331 or

Жизнь в Марбелье

Жизнь в Марбелье

Здравствуйте, меня зовут Валерия! Вот уже 8 лет как проживаю в Испании, ну а если быть конкретней, в Андалусии, ну а если еще точнее, в Марбелье. Если честно, я и не догадывалась, что Марбелья пользуется таким большим спросом у соотечественников. Россиянам очень интересна Марбелья, и судя по всему многие также задумываются о переезде в Марбелью, приобретении жилья или просто отдыхе в Марбелье.

Марбелья это небольшой прибрежный городок, который Вы можете за пару дней изучить вдоль и поперек. Одной недели будет предостаточно, чтобы проникнуться атмосферой этого городка и оценить, подходит вам Марбелья или нет.

Если Вы задумываетесь не только посетить Марбелью летом, но и остаться здесь жить круглый год, то советую приехать сюда зимой, тогда Вам откроется совсем другая картина этого города. Зимой, когда основная масса туристов уезжает, жизнь в городе существенно притихает. Но не стоит расстраиваться, так как зимой здесь уютно, спокойно и очень солнечно.

В Марбелье очень хороший и мягкий климат, здесь практически нет зим, а летом отсутствует типичный андалузский зной. Также Вы сможете насладиться Средиземным морем, пляжами, цветущими садами и конечно же солнцем, которое сияет здесь 300 дней в году!

Жилье в Марбелье

Если вы все таки решили переехать в Марбелью или просто приобрести жилье на лето, или хотите инвестировать деньги в недвижимость и сдавать его в последствии.  То не надо тратить время на поиск недвижимости в интернете, напишите нам ваши пожелания и мы подберем для вас из нашей базы самые лучшие и выгодные варианты: от роскошных вилл в Сьерра-Бланка или на Золотой Миле до современных квартир и пентхаусов в центре Марбелье, или более бюджетный вариант на Новой Золотой Миле ( в окрестностях Эстепоны).

Мы предлагаем широкий выбор недвижимости для продажи на Коста дель Соль и непосредственно в Марбелье и прилегающих районах. Благодаря тесным связям с застройщиками, местными и национальными банками и владельцами, мы имеем самые лучшие объекты недвижимости для продажи.

Villa Marbella for Sale: Discover New Build Luxury

Образование в Марбелье

Одним из наиболее важных факторов при выборе школы, является иностранный язык, поэтому большинство частных школ в Марбелье и её окрестностях предлагают билингвическую форму обучения по британской системе, что является основным фактором для поступления в международные университеты.

13 лучших образовательных центров находятся в провинции Малага. Изучение языков, высокий уровень обучения, спортивные комплексы, дополнительные образовательные мероприятия – являются основными показателями для выбора родителей.

Малага вышла на третье место после Мадрида и Барселоны по качеству своих образовательных центров. Семь из них находятся непосредственно в Марбелье и Сан Педро де Алькантара.

Обучение в этих школах, мягко скажу, «недешёвое», так как все школы, включая семь в Марбелье, частные.

Лучшими школами в Марбелье названы: Alboran, Aloha College, San Jose, Las Chapas, Swans International Primary School, English International College, Laude International College San Pedro, в Сан Пэдро дэ Алькантара. Родители, которые решили дать достойное образование своим чадам, должны раскошелиться. Месячный платёж, в зависимости от школы, может быть от 200 евро до 5.550 евро, некоторые платежи могут достичь до 14.000 евро за одного ребёнка.

Досуг в Марбелье

Бесчисленное количество пляжных ресторанов, так называемых chiringuitos, предлагают гастрономические меню на любой вкус.

Самые знаменитые пляжи Марбельи: Puerto Banús, Guadalmina, Linda Vista, San Pedro Alcántara, Río Verde, El Faro, La Venus, La Bajadilla, El Cable, El Pinillo и la Playa de Ártola в Cabopino.

Среди огромного выбора ресторанов города особенно хочется отметить следующие рестораны: Paco Jiménez на центральной площади la Plaza de los Naranjos, T-Bone в центре города, Messina,Takumi лучший выбор суши, знаменитый ресторан Dani García Bibo в отеле Puente Romano.

Так же не стоит забывать еще об одном виде досуга очень популярном среди жителей побережья, это игра в гольф. Знаменитые гольф – клубы Марбельи, такие как Los Naranjos Golf Club, Las Brisas Country Club, Aloha Golf Club рядом с Puerto Banús, Rio Real Golf Club, Santa Clara Golf Club расположены в лучших районах города.

Ночная жизнь в Марбелье всегда очень популярна среди туристов города. Одним из значимых событий является летний музыкальный фестиваль Starlite с участием многих знаменитых международных артистов и музыкантов, а также программа класса люкс в ночных  клубах Olivia Valere и Suit в Puente Romano, Finca Besaya, пабы и бары старого города Марбельи, такие, как el Estrecho, La Polaca или el Palique, а так же бары в Puerto Banús: Sinatra´s или La Comedia.


Валерия выпускница Государственного университета в России, где она изычала Современные языки. Она свободно говорит на русском, Испанском и английском языках. До переезда в Испанию в 2012 она работала в России и Англии в качестве переводчика и преподавателя. С момента вступления в Сило Marbella в 2013 она приобрела прочный опыт на местном рынке недвижимости, и доказала свою ценность как умелый посредник по продаже и аренде недвижимости. Ее хобби включают чтение иностранной литературы, кино, Спорт и туризм.

Marbella and Puerto Banus (Nueva Andalucia) are two of the most popular luxury travel destinations. The neighbouring locations offer a luxurious lifestyle, 300 sunny days per year and perhaps the best climate in Europe.

Luxury Holiday Rental Costa del Sol

Cilo Marbella offers the highest standard holiday villas for rent in Marbella, and Puerto Banus. Villas that offer sea views in premium residential areas on the Costa del Sol.

In this article, we highlight the best holiday villas for rent in both locations, starting with Marbella. We take all important holiday factors into account:

Villas in Marbella for Rent

1. Villa Sanchez  – From €7,000 Per Week

Modern villa
6 bedroom villa for rent
Villa is located in Las Chapas, Marbella

Villa Sanchez is a spectacular frontline beach property surrounded by golden sand and natural dunes. The location, on the east side of Marbella, boasts the best beaches in the area and is only 10-15 minutes’ drive to Marbella and Puerto Banus.

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Holiday Villas in Puerto Banus for Rent

1. Residencia Casas – From €8,500 Per Week

Villa in near the marina of Puerto Banus
4 bedroom villa for rent
Highest Standard Villa
Walking distance marina and beach

Residencia Casas occupies the top 3 floors of one of the most prestigious buildings overlooking the best beaches in the famous Puerto Banus. This stunning luxurious Presidential apartment with its own private rooftop swimming pool has unique 360-degree panoramic views.

This villa type penthouse is located at the very entrance to Puerto Banus itself. No other apartment has such sumptuous outside spaces with terraces off every room, overlooking the beaches and mountains of Puerto Banus and Marbella.

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Luxury Holidays in Marbella: things to do

How to make the most out of our luxury getaway in Puerto Banus
How to go on a VIP Holiday in Marbella

Villa Marbella for Sale: Discover New Build Luxury

Best Clubs in Marbella & Puerto Banus

Extravagance is perhaps the best word for the nightlife in Marbella. The clubs are big, bigger, biggest and of a very luxurious level. Expensive bottles of champagne and v.i.p. tables are daily necessities. You even have the chance to spot international celebrities, because they are welcome guests in this coastal town. Immerse yourself in Marbella’s vibrant nightlife and visit these spectacular clubs. A great night is guaranteed!

Please note that many of these clubs are not open all year round. On this page you will find the website of each club, here you can find out when the next parties will be!


Nikki Beach, the chain of luxury beach clubs around the world (from Miami to Bali) also has a branch in Marbella. And not just an establishment, the beach club is located on a pearly white beach and has a swimming pool where you as a prince or princess can relax on one of the v.i.p. beds. With a v.i.p. terrace is the luxurious feeling complete. You are certainly not shy of a snack or drink, the restaurant makes the tastiest creations for you. Fun fact: dishes are served based on the locations of the other Nikki Beach clubs. For a drink, in between, you drink champagne with an oyster and for the big appetite, you can share a nice portion of sushi with your friends or go for a large variety of tapas.

Nikki beach organises the best theme parties where everything is well thought out down to the smallest details. The staff is then walking around in clothing that is appropriate to the theme in question, and the club’s furnishings are also directly focused on the theme. There is even a Dutch Party, with Dutch snacks, drinks and outfits. Nikki Beach brings food, parties, music and fashion together and it’s one of those places you can’t miss out on when you’re in Marbella!

Nikki Beach is open from 30 April to 4 October.

Carretera de Cádiz Km 192
29600 Marbella


With a capacity of more than 1000 people, Olivia Valere is justifiably large. It is a club with a lot of allure and the international celebrities feel that too. Names like Kate Moss, Mariah Carey and Bruce Willis have already danced here, so chances are you’ll run into a celebrity yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with the DJs playing in Olivia Valere. Think of Bob Sinclar and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano who can easily get the whole venue with them. Extra special is your Olivia Valere experience with an evening in the v.i.p. room right behind the dj booth! While dancing you will discover that the appearance of the club leaves nothing to be desired. There are nice benches where you can sit down if your feet really don’t want to. And if you look around you, you will see that everything is decorated with atmosphere, think of beautiful Buddha statues, glistening lanterns and details of gold and wood.

But there is more: Olivia Valere is not only a club, with an accompanying restaurant (Babilonia) and lounge/sushi restaurant (Karen Valere) it is a whole nightlife experience. Babilonia is a restaurant with an international cuisine and a super cool appearance. The entrance is a medieval-looking drawbridge and there are old olive trees in the patio of the restaurant. At Karen Valere you can start your evening in the lounge with a drink, but you can also enjoy a good portion of sushi. Please note that Karen Valere is only open from 22:00.

Carretera de Istan, km 0.72
29600 Marbella


Imagine… it’s a radiant summer’s day and you’re lying by a large pool on a luxurious sunbed. Dreams come true at Ocean Club located in Puerto Banús, the most famous port of Marbella.

During the day you look out over the blue waters of the (salt water) swimming pool and the Mediterranean Sea. You can enjoy lunch from the extensive lunch menu and have a cocktail with it. In addition to the standard cocktails, you’ll also find a wide range of special cocktails. The classic mojito, for example, has seven different jackets, including a black mojito with black berries.

In the evening and at night, the club transforms into a real fancy spot where great parties are held. There is the White & Silver Opening Party with dancers, DJs, musicians, fireworks and entertainers. Quite a spectacle!

Avenida Lola Flores
29660 Marbella

Luxurious Restaurants

Walking in the luxury of Marbella you might also want to stay in this atmosphere during lunch or dinner. Enjoy culinary delights that you won’t be able to taste and try at home, but which are definitely worth it! In Marbella, there are a number of luxury restaurants where this is possible and where some even dishes designed by a star chef are served. And who knows, you might be so comfortable at the beach and you’d like to go out for a luxurious meal close to that beach, it’s all possible! On this page you will find an overview of good luxury restaurants with the atmosphere in Marbella that complete your holiday or day out to this seaside resort!


In the luxurious Puente Romano resort, you’ll find a whole range of restaurants, but you’ll also find the star restaurant of Dani García, with no less than two Michelin stars. The concept: an innovative gastronomic experience where the latest cooking techniques are applied to traditional Andalusian dishes. Dani García is not just any chef; he is the largest Andalusian chef in terms of fame in the world. He is very creative and has a lot of international experience that he likes to include in his dishes. It is not for nothing that he won the Andalusian gastronomy prize in 2015. Try the tasting menu “Once Upon a Time” where both cold and hot dishes are discussed and where the texture of the food and opposite tastes are played with. You’ll be truly amazed by their creativity at Dani García and you’ll experience Andalusian cuisine in a completely different way.

In the same Puente Romano is also Bibo, which can be seen as the little sister of the Daní García restaurant. The atmosphere is just a bit more informal and you can eat delicious tapas. The restaurants have four very different rooms, namely the terrace with lots of sunshine, “Grandma’s table” which is excellent for dining with friends and family, an oyster bar where you can eat raw oysters and a cocktail bar for really special cocktails. This way you have a cocktail that you think is noodles, but it’s really a cocktail.

Opening hours Dani García Restaurante
Di – Sat from 13:30-15:30 (lunch) and from 19:30-22:30 (dinner)

Opening hours Bibo
Monday to Sunday from 12:30-16:00 (lunch) and from 19:30 – 00:00 (dinner and cocktails).

Bulevar Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe
29602 Marbella


Imagine, you’ve been at a super relaxed beach club all day and you’re looking forward to a good dinner. At La Sala by the Sea, you will be fine. It is really luxurious and you can relax on the finest beds by the pool or on the beach. The style is a bit Asian with Buddha statues, dark wooden details, thatched roofs and canopy beds with white cloths. It is even possible to have massages from shiatsu to Thai massages.

As you read, it is already a paradise during the day, but in the evening La Sala by the Sea transforms into a place full of allure with flickering lights and dishes that are presented as paintings so beautiful. Just like the decor, the food is clearly Asian inspired and a recommended appetizer is, therefore, the Thai toast with shrimp, Thai herbs and with a selection of different dip sauces. As the main course you can go for a traditional Pad Thai, noodles with chicken or prawns. Are you a real champagne lover? Take a glass from the collection that is hard to choose when eating. From a Don Perignon to a more exclusive Ace or Spade rosé champagne, it’s entirely up to you what you choose. Nice fact: famous people regularly come here long to spend their day, including Sylvie Meis.

Avenida José Banús
29660 Marbella


Located in the old town of Marbella is Tempora, a restaurant that rightly belongs in this list. Starting with the decor: it’s hip, but not too much. There is a good balance between sleek, industrial and warm, the perfect ingredients for an interior where you will look your eyes out.

Tempora stands for a number of values, including seasonal, creativity and passion. This is certainly noticeable in the food and especially the layout of the dishes shows a lot of creativity and passion. The dishes are all very beautifully made and there are many colorful ingredients which make them look really cheerful. In the kitchen, local ingredients are used and you will also find a lot of fruit. For example, the sea bass carpaccio is marinated in lime and when you order shrimp, you get them served on apple rings. And these are just the starters, with the main courses you have to think of high quality meat and fish. We recommend the duck with beansprouts, bamboo shoots, fried dough and a plum sauce. As you can see, here too the fruity aspect of the dishes comes back to the fore.
Be sure to take a look at the dessert menu, because what a variety of desserts you normally do not easily find anywhere. A passion fruit mousse with white chocolate ice cream or a lime sorbet with cava or vodka are for the real dessert lover really paradise level.

Opening hours
Mom up to and including 18:30-00:00

Calle Tetuan 9
29601 Marbella

For more luxurious restaurants, continue reading this blog: 

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